Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Private Contacts 1.0

My Private Contacts is a new application for Android that keeps a list of phone contacts in a secure way, password protected.

Imagine that you have a girlfried or boyfriend, (or a wife or a husband) but you want to keep some old friends phones away of your default contacts list of your phone. With My Private Contacs you can!

The application is not only a stupid list of telephone numbers -password protected. You can make calls with them, and every call you make is automatically deleted of the Call Log, so, if your couple goes to spy your Call Log, he/she will never notice...

Furthermore, there is a private call log, where all your calls are stored, and of course, a telephone pad, from where you can do quick calls without store a contact.

Last but not least, we have included another practical funcionality. Imagine that your parner sees the application and ask you "What is this thing?" you cand input a "Panik password" that will show another screen without nothing to do with the original funcionality of this application.

Now some pics to see the user interface:

This is the login. The default password is "1111". Remember to change it the first time you log in!

Once you are logged. You will see this screen. From where you can add new contacts from the menu, or go to the settings screen:

Every call you make is stored here. Remember the call will be automatically removed from the phone call log. Nobody will know that you called that person (only if she/he reads the phone bill)

If you want to delete or edit a contact, you can maintain pushed any of the stored contacts

You can make calls without store the number in the contacts. Those calls will be private too..

From the contacts menu-->Settings you can see this screen. From here you can change the passwords.

For any comments, issues or suggestions, you can leave a comment or write us to: mysmartrobot@gmail.com


  1. Two questions: what happens if private number calls you? How to send to VM w/o having in People?
    Can existing contacts be imported/moved?

  2. Hi Rick. Unfortunatelly, in this version we could not add that funcionality. At this moment it only works with the calls you make.
    There is no option to import a contact neither. We will try to improve this in future releases.

  3. Hello,

    Is the Password limited to just 4 numerical digits? 10000 trys not difficult for a persistent person; they would just hide the phone for a couple days while they search different permutations. A few more digits or making the PW alphanumeric would greatly enhance the security.

  4. How can I tell if some one else put this on my pbone