Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Private Contacts 1.0

My Private Contacts is a new application for Android that keeps a list of phone contacts in a secure way, password protected.

Imagine that you have a girlfried or boyfriend, (or a wife or a husband) but you want to keep some old friends phones away of your default contacts list of your phone. With My Private Contacs you can!

The application is not only a stupid list of telephone numbers -password protected. You can make calls with them, and every call you make is automatically deleted of the Call Log, so, if your couple goes to spy your Call Log, he/she will never notice...

Furthermore, there is a private call log, where all your calls are stored, and of course, a telephone pad, from where you can do quick calls without store a contact.

Last but not least, we have included another practical funcionality. Imagine that your parner sees the application and ask you "What is this thing?" you cand input a "Panik password" that will show another screen without nothing to do with the original funcionality of this application.